Radar Development with Partners Launch: Media Campaign “Disability Employment Campaign” & “EmployAbility” Project

Last month – Thursday 22nd September 2011, Radar Development with its partners (the European Union, CEFA and CCBRT) launched a media campaign. The aim of the media campaign is to promote formal employment for people with disabilities, focusing on the added value they bring to the workplace. For the next 3 months, there will be several TV and radio spots, billboards and print media promoting the media campaign.

In addition, the “EmployAbility” project was officially launched at the event. This project funded by the EU and in collaboration with Radar Development, CCBRT, DAA, the Government of Tanzania and TUICO (Trade Union for Commerce & Industry), aims at promoting the formal employment of people with disabilities.

Radar Development is a non-for-profit division of the Radar Group Limited. Established in 2008, it conducts recruitment and career development services for disabled and vulnerable people. It offers a free recruitment service to employers in recruiting people with disabilities. For more information, please check out the website: radardevelopment.com