We found the right candidate within a very short time for a position which required rare skills.I found Radar highly professional and great at understanding our needs

I recommend Radar to others all the time. To job seekers: because I once had a very pleasant experience with Radar as a job seeker, I even received after placement coaching, which made me think of ways to be even more productive in any environment. It made a difference to my career.To HR Managers: because I had several very good experiences as a recruiter, I was asked the right questions to understand my Company needs, I was sent spot on CVs, Interviewees were invited and given feedback after the interview. I found CVs to be of solid career people and not job hoppers.

The pre-screening process certainly accelerated the time spent on actual interviews, and resulted in a more productive interaction for both the Candidates and the Bank. We would attribute much of the success of this relationship to the way that Radar responds to our requests, which at times extend beyond just recruitment. A solid relationship built on trust is cornerstone to our business.

Radar has proven its capabilities in our previous engagements, and in need we would not hesitate to use Radar again.

The fact that any company continues to use the services of a recruitment agency speaks volumes to the credibility of that agency.