Sauti Za Wananchi Program Manager

Added on 13.12.2017
Category Project Management, NGO, Government, Education
Countries Tanzania
Cities Dar es Salaam
Level Senior
Contract type Permanent
Main Responsibilities

Overall Responsibility:

You will manage Twaweza 's  Sauti za Wananchi mobile phone panel survey (MPPS) across East Africa, responsible for maintaining success achieved in Tanzania and expanding the survey to cover Kenya and Uganda. You will ensure that established successful MPPS policies and standards are applied in the data collection; and that staff, partners and/or consultants are in place to produce high level analysis, writing and launch presentations. You will coordinate survey rounds across the three countries to maximize editorial and advocacy synergies.

Specific Responsibilities:

1.   Provide leadership, strategic reflection and direction for effective realization of SzW objectives.

2.   Manage the SzW teams in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and maintain the highest levels of management and accountability standards in conformity with applicable laws and agreements and set standards.

3.   Develop survey topic choices and questions consistent with Twaweza's Strategy and Annual Plan and in liaison with Program Directors.

4.   Co-ordinate the Sauti za Wananchi survey data collection, including management of the monthly data collection calendar and reaching targeted output in a timely manner, for all 3 countries.

5.   Manage the scaling-up of Sauti za Wananchi to Uganda in 2017

6.   Closely supervise data collection firms to ensure high quality standards and value-for-money are maintained.

7.   With the guidance of the Executive Director and Director Data and Voice, develop partnerships with strategic third parties who wish to use the Sauti infrastructure.

8.   Manage high quality data analysis and preparation of graphs, data visualization and other accessible forms of presentation.

9.   Manage the production of compelling written products on a regular basis, including high quality policy briefs, analyses, research papers, blogs and use of internet and social media for local and global audiences.

10.  Produce new Sauti written products, including analytical pieces that combine countries or rounds to increasingly utilize Sauti’s data across the countries, and publish them for increased visibility of Sauti.

11.  Present findings at launches and represent Twaweza/Sauti za Wananchi in the media.

12.  Coordinate all Sauti za Wananchi communications in collaboration with Twaweza's Public and Policy Engagement Cluster. Ensure that Sauti’s evidence and methodology are packaged and presented at national, regional and global levels.

13.  Continually monitor and reflect on quality and effectiveness of entire Sauti process, and propose adaptations and improvements that need to be made.

14.  Publicize Sauti za Wananchi in the region and internationally as an effective, low-cost method to understand citizen voices and monitor what's going on.

General Responsibilities:

1.   Successfully implement above responsibilities and assigned activities in work plans and budgets, consistent with Twaweza Policies.

2.   Contribute effectively to planning, monitoring, reporting and information dissemination of Uwezo 'sffwaweza's work.

3.   Collaborate with Twaweza staff across units and countries in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation to get things done.

4.   Communicate your work through active use of internal platform (SalesForce), electronic calendar (Gcal) and being accessible on electronic chat (Skype) as per Twaweza requirements.

5.   Participate actively in organization-wide learning and other joint activities.

6.   Comply with and foster adherence to the established Twaweza values, policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures.

7.   Undertake any other lawful tasks as may be assigned by your Supervisor and/or Executive Director.


Qualifications Masters or PhD

1.   Masters of Arts/Science qualification in social sciences, finance, public policy or related area.

2.   At least seven years of relevant work experience in research and analysis.

3.   Good knowledge of econometric analysis packages e.g. STATA, SPSS.

4.   Excellent communication and writing skills in English and Swahili with demonstrable attention to detail.

5.   Demonstrable computer proficiency including web based applications.

6.   Good management skills and ability to work independently and as a part of a team.

7.   Ability to deliver on short notice where necessary and with minimum supervision.

IT Skills
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