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A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

Many job seekers often wonder what their recruiter does all day. They have to leave messages for their recruiter and may not get a return call until the next day. Along with the wonder, frustration starts to set in. The popular statement, “There is never enough time in a day,” is a reality for most […]

11 surprising things that your physical appearance says about you

Everybody judges. Within a few seconds of seeing someone — whether on a date or at the grocery store — we decide on numerous things about them, from how smart they are to how likely they are to commit a crime. Surprisingly, our first impressions can be remarkably accurate in some instances. In others, they […]

5 Sought-After Careers (That Didn’t Even Exist 10 Years Ago)

The working world has changed. These jobs are driving our economy – but a couple of years ago they weren’t even a thing! Here are the careers that are still in their infancy, but changing the world. 1 Social Media Manager You can’t manage what doesn’t exist, and 10 years ago, social media didn’t. (How […]

How Cryptocurrency Has Introduced New Careers In Tech

Cryptocurrency has exploded over the past year or two. And while you may have heard friends, relatives, and coworkers talking about Bitcoin, you might not know that it’s creating more than a buzz: it’s creating jobs. From crypto startups to established companies, the job market has never looked so good for blockchain enthusiasts. Let’s look […]

Gabrielle Union’s Twists Were Once Called “Unprofessional”

2017 is the year when we were finally able to find the perfect foundation match with the help of an app (and also Rihanna), and unlock our iPhones with our faces — among a long list of other advances. Despite all of those gains, though, there’s still one real-life feat that hasn’t been achieved: total freedom for people with natural […]

Here’s How To Deal With Shady Co-Workers in The Office

In a dream world, you get to be the office wifey to at least a handful of people and universally adored by your colleagues. In reality, whilst you may have a few people who have your back when times get tough, or at least a work BFF, you’re bound to butt heads with someone eventually. […]

East African profiles recruitment services and expansion into new areas

Recruitment supplement in the East African mentions new office in Uganda The article, part of a special supplement for those involved in recruitment, spoke of Radar’s unique approach to recruitment and its ambition to be the leading recruitment consultancy in the East African region. To read the article in full, click here.


Radar Development with Partners Launch: Media Campaign “Disability Employment Campaign” & “EmployAbility” Project Last month – Thursday 22nd September 2011, Radar Development with its partners (the European Union, CEFA and CCBRT) launched a media campaign. The aim of the media campaign is to promote formal employment for people with disabilities, focusing on the added value […]